Japanese player Amano Jun (31, Jeonbuk Hyundai) revealed the transfer process in detail.

Amano attended the ‘2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp’ event held at the Wanju Clubhouse in Jeonbuk on the afternoon of the 12th and met with reporters to reveal his impressions of transferring to Jeonbuk.

Japanese midfielder Amano played in 30 matches after wearing the uniform of Ulsan Hyundai on loan from Yokohama Marinos in the J-League last year, scoring 9 goals and 1 assist and helping the team win the K-League 1 for the first time in 17 years. Ulsan also considered extending the rental contract with Yokohama, the original team, but Amano wore a ‘rival’ Jeonbuk uniform at the end of last year. Ulsan coach Hong Myung-bo recently criticized Amano’s transfer, saying, “The worst Japanese player” through the media.

On this day, Amano said, “I think Jeonbuk is a big club from the size of the clubhouse. Fighting in the same league, I felt that Jeonbuk was a strong team. I am happy to be a member.”

He also expressed his candid thoughts about director Hong Myung-bo’s remarks. Amano said, “I respect and appreciate coach Hong Myung-bo. He is the one who brought me to Korea. We fought together to win the championship. We fought together so that we could lift the championship trophy, but I regret that he made such comments through the media. “he said.

The transfer process was also explained in detail.

Amano said, “Director Hong Myung-bo said, ‘I lied’ and ‘I chose money’, but it is not true at all. We discussed the contract since last summer. Even after going to Japan after the season, 슬롯사이트.there was no formal offer from Ulsan.” explained

“It is true that he said he would stay in Ulsan. An official offer came from Jeonbuk, and a meeting place was set up a day later. He said he would stay on the spot, but there was no official offer. I was embarrassed by the temperature difference between the manager and the club.” Even at that time, there was nothing formally shared, but the fact that we had a meeting the next day after the official offer to Jeonbuk made me think, ‘Isn’t it because we didn’t want to send it to Jeonbuk?'”

He also conveyed his determination to face Ulsan. Amano said, “Jung Seung-hyun also told me to be careful as a joke, but I transferred because I was aware of the importance. I am prepared for the match against Ulsan this season.”

In addition, he once again talked about the transfer process, saying, “Since last summer, I have expressed my desire to stay with Ulsan. The agent also told me about the contract extension, but the club did not make a position. Because there was no contract, ‘Ulsan has no idea about the contract’ and accepted it, “said the process once again.

At the same time, he said, “Coach Hong Myung-bo is the coach who brought me to the K-League. My respect for him has not changed.”