Ballistic Golf announces ‘TEAM BG’ as its strategic keyword for this year and embarks on aggressive marketing and brand business development.

Ballistic Golf is launching sports marketing in earnest by founding ‘Team Ballistic (TEAM BG)’ centered on players with outstanding capabilities in the KPGA Korean Tour and KLPGA Regular Tour this year. Under the slogan of ‘WE ARE ONE TEAM’, they have recruited 7 players and plan to hold various events such as golf day with their pros and pro-am competition with celebrities.

Ballistic Golf plans to spread brand events and content by expanding targeting marketing from golfers to intermediate and advanced golfers this year. Specifically, by activating customer-tailored events such as monthly private one-point lessons, round and field lessons with pros belonging to VIP customers, and ‘TAKE YOUR SHOT’ premium overseas golf camp, we aim to attract golfers who pursue performance and originality. are doing

In addition, it is planning to expand the apparel line-up by developing a logo play and monogram symbol pattern that emphasizes the brand identity of Ballistic Golf and forming a signature line. Based on these signature products, the company plans to expand its market positioning and market share by focusing on the core commercial districts of 카지노사이트. department stores such as Hyundai, Shinsegae, Lotte, and Galleria.

Ballistic Golf expects that the status of an authentic golf brand will further increase as the golf market enters its maturity this year, and plans to further strengthen Ballistic’s originality based on the brand philosophy of ‘simplicity is ultimate sophistication’. In addition, this year, it plans to strengthen its position as a premium golf brand by expanding its brand exposure in golf program PPL, tournament sponsorship, premium golf driving range and golf course advertisements, focusing on golf channels.

An official from Ballistic Golf said, “After launching last year, we focused on promoting high-quality products such as ballistic golf clubs, apparel, and gear. We will plan various customer experience events together with and do our best so that consumers can experience the original value of the brand a little more with the US Club Origin.”