DRX ‘Buzz’ Byung-cheol Yoo expressed his feelings about continuing the victory march by defeating the formidable enemy Gen.G.

DRX won Gen.G 2-1 (13-7 10-13 13-4) in the 5th week of the regular league of the 2023 ‘Valorant Champions Tour (VCT)’ Pacific 2023 held at the Sangam Coliseum in Mapo-gu, Seoul on the 22nd. The joys and sorrows were divided between the two teams. DRX took the sole lead in the league with 5 wins and 0 losses, while Gen.G recorded 4 wins and 1 loss, dropping one notch to second place.

DRX, considered the strongest team in the league, gave a set to Gen.J, the toughest opponent on the day. He won the first set in Haven, but failed to break the opponent’s momentum in Fracture. Yoo Byung-chul, who met with Kukmin Ilbo after the game, said, “We gave up one set to the opponent, but we found our problems in the process.” “I think we lost well.”

DRX quickly regained his skills in the third set. The game ended with the largest score difference. Yoo Byung-cheol said, “We considered losing the second set as part of our growing process,” and “we fixed the problem to some extent through feedback before the start of the third set.” “Genji also felt like he was out of his mind. Thanks to that, we were able to continue our dominance.” 스포츠토토

Even after winning the day, Yoo Byung-chul said Gen. G was still the most threatening opponent in the Pacific. “The team is still in second place,” he said. It is made up of Korean players, so we know each other well.” Fortunately, we got over the hurdle today.”

It is true that the competitiveness of the Pacific region has recently increased, but Yoo Byung-chul saw that there is still no team that can surpass DRX’s stronghold. He said, “Gen.G and Paper Rex were easy opponents in the past, but these days they threaten us.” But I still feel that we are running well.”

He did not forget to thank the fans who supported them at the Sangam Coliseum until close to midnight. Yoo Byung-chul said, “When I played at the dorm, I didn’t feel like a pro gamer, but a ‘person who gets paid to play games’. It makes me proud to play in front of a crowd and in a great stadium. I think he did well to become a pro gamer,” and concluded the interview by saying, “I live in gratitude for every moment.”