The Ansan Greeners aim for a reversal after a two-week break.

Ansan will host Gimcheon Sangmu in the 17th round of the Hana OneQ K League 2 2023 at Gimcheon Sports Complex at 4 p.m. on May 10.

Ansan, who recently struggled with back-to-back draws, had a two-week break from the 16th round to regroup. The team focused on recovering their mood and physical strength, rebuilding their organization, and improving the condition of players returning from injury.

With their bodies and minds restored, Ansan is determined to make a big comeback in the summer with a win. After Gimcheon, a win is a must if they want to go into the two-week A-Match break in good spirits.

Against Gimcheon, Ansan will be counting on their offense. The team will look to veteran striker Yoon Joo-tae, who joined the team this season. In the last 15 rounds with Seoul E-Land, Yoon has been showing off his sharp shooting and link-up play to set up his teammates, making him an exciting new option.

In addition, the trio of Thiago and Wandrew, along with ace Gabriel, will need to synergize with domestic strikers Kim Bum-soo, Lee Geun-ho, and Jung Jae-min to get closer to victory.

The back line, which recently switched back, is not bad either. The center back line of Yoo Jun-soo and Jang Yoo-seop has good chemistry with the fullbacks, including Lee Jun-hee and Kim Chae-woon, who have been playing regularly. If they can hold their own against a strong Gimcheon team, they should be able to deliver both a performance and a result. 먹튀검증

Gimcheon is a strong K League 2 champion. They have a lot of national team players, including Cho Young-wook, Kim Dong-hyun, Won Doo-jae, Park Min-kyu, Yoon Jong-kyu, and Lee Sang-min.

The team’s core players, Lee Young-jae, Kim Ji-hyun, and Kwon Chang-hoon, are weakened due to their national team commitments. In their last four games, they have three draws, one loss, and three consecutive scoreless games. Ansan will need to press hard and capitalize on their scoring chances.

It will be interesting to see if Ansan can turn things around against Gimcheon.