Pepper Savings Bank made a mark in the V-League FA-Trade Company.

On the 2nd, Pepper Savings Bank re-recruited Lee Go-eun, a setter who left as a compensation player for FA Park Jung-ah, through a trade. The price is middle blocker Choi Ga-eun and Pepper Savings Bank’s 2023-2024 season rookie draft 1st round nomination rights and Expressway Corporation’s 2nd round nomination rights exchange.

Choi Ga-eun joined IBK Industrial Bank as the 5th overall in the 2019-2020 season, and joined through a special nomination for the new team at the time of the establishment of Pepper Savings Bank in 2021. He played the main middle blocker for two seasons and showed rapid growth.

Lee Go-eun was recruited by Pepper Savings Bank as a free agent from Korea Expressway Corporation before last season. He gave me an annual salary of 330 million won, ㅋㅋㅋ벳 the highest amount for a setter.

However, Pepper Savings Bank did not tie Lee Go-eun to the protected player after recruiting FA Park Jung-ah from the Korea Expressway Corporation this spring. Was it the judgment that he would not take Lee Go-eun, who was from the road construction company and has a high salary, back? If that was the case, it would be an act of disrespecting Kim Jong-min, the manager of the road construction company, who won the championship twice.The road construction front desk and coaches were different from the ‘newbie’ Pepper Savings Bank. Park Jung-ah (Pepper Savings Bank) and Jeong Dae-young (GS Caltex) left the team one after another, and the salary cap was sufficient, and there was no reason not to take Lee Go-eun, either as a competition or a trade card, with Lee Yoon-jung, the ‘winner-setter’.