The Los Angeles Clippers decided to completely change their backcourt.

According to reporter Shams Charania of 『The Athletic』, on the 10th (Korean time), the Clippers reported that they were taking Eric Gordon (guard, 191cm, 98kg) from the Houston Rockets.

Instead of receiving Gordon, the Clippers are sending Luke Kennard (guard, 196cm, 93kg) to the Memphis Grizzlies. Houston decided to get John Wall (guard, 191cm, 95kg) from the Clippers.

Subsequently, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnalowski reported that Memphis was sending Denny Green (guard, 198cm, 98kg) to Houston, and that Memphis’ three second-round picks were heading to the Clippers. ESPN reporter Tim McMahon added that the Clippers’ future pick-up rights would go to Houston.

# Trade Summary
Clips get Eric Gordon, three 2nd round picks Rockets
get John Wall, Denny Green, voucher
Memphis get Luke Kennard

Why Clippers?
The Clippers acquired Bonds Highland with multiple second-round picks prior to the trade. Sending Kennard here and bringing in Gordon started a reorganization of the backcourt. Kennard is also good at ball handling and 3-point shooting, but the Clippers have chosen to change. Accordingly, it seems that the team focused on reducing the burden of the one-two punch by bringing in Gordon, a three-point shooter.

The month was also disposed of. 바카라 The Clippers grabbed Wall from the transfer market this offseason. With Wall’s addition, it was thought that the Clippers guard would be able to breathe. However, contrary to expectations, it showed limitations, and the Clippers did not want to be with Wall. It’s unfortunate that I broke up with Kennard this time, but I cut down on expenses because I let go of the month while bringing in Gordon. He also made up for the nomination rights he used to sign Highland.

Why Rockets?
Houston let go of Gordon. Although, it is regrettable that he was sent out at the bottom. Houston has expressed its intention to trade Gordon since the 2020-2021 season. However, it was always lukewarm, and the root of the problem was that it hesitated to trade when the value was high at the time. Even though the value has decreased every year, he has maintained the right to be nominated in the first round through him as a medium this season.

In the end, Houston didn’t even get a second round pick. Of course, he already has a number of prospects and nominations, but he missed the timing of his trade and failed to secure his assets. At least, by letting go of Gordon, he took his annual salary (about $19.57 million) off the salary cap. Reporter Chris Haynes of TNT reported that Houston released Wall after the trade. Houston then sent out the existing Boban Marijanovic as well.

Houston already acquired Justin Halladay and Frank Kaminski through trades with the Atlanta Hawks. He filled the experience with them, and there was no reason to stick with Wall and Marijanovic because he let go of Gordon. He is preparing to finish this season by adding his own experiences, including Holliday as a guard, Green as a forward, and Kaminski as a center.

Why Grizzlies?
Memphis quietly filled up its power ahead of this trade deadline. He gave up Green, an old man while out of power, and brought in Kennard, who he could use right away. Kennard is good at managing intermittent games and developing pick games, and he even has outside shots. This season, the average score decreased due to reduced playing time, but if given a chance, the average score can be double-digit.

This season he appeared in 35 games for the Clippers. He averaged 7.8 points (.464 .447 .950) 2.4 rebounds and 1.1 assists in 20.7 minutes. Getting a Kennard in his mid-twenties with an out-of-power green is a huge gain. However, he has a contract until the 2024-2025 season, including a team option. On the contrary, it is positive that Memphis has been able to afford to steadily strengthen the bench power.

Memphis has not had a backup guard in the past. Ja Morant and Desmond Bain were clearly outstanding, but their bench competitiveness was somewhat behind. There is John Conchar, but he is bound to fall behind in weight. With Kennard added here, it is expected to firmly support Bain and Dylan Brooks. Above all, it is expected to be of great help in terms of expanding the options in the game.