SSG Landers 5th year left-hander Baek Seung-geon (23) is gathering a lot of expectations this year. He is proving why he is trusted through demonstration games after the camp.

Coach Won-hyung Kim had a lot of thoughts in the process of preparing for the new season this year. This is because left-hander Kim Taek-hyung, who played the role of Pil Seung-jo, and sidearm Jang Ji-hoon, who played the role of a madman, enlisted last year. We have to fill the vacant positions of those players.

From the first camp in Florida, USA, coach Kim looked at several players. He checked candidates who can keep his back tight this year, from veterans to young players.

Everyone trained hard. However, among them, there was a player whose pace was steadily rising, and he is showing a sense of stability through demonstration games. That player is left-hander Baek Seung-gun, who received the first nomination in 2019.

Baek Seung-gun was discharged last September. he went to business Before his enlistment, he had 5 losses and an average ERA of 5.73 in the first team for two years in 2019 and 2020. But he is different this year. It seems that the day will come for him too.

Coach Kim is thinking about three players as a long relief if the starting date collapses early this year. Right-hander Choi Min-jun, sidearm Park Min-ho, and left-hander Baek Seung-gun. These players are multi-inning players.

It’s not just that he has the ability to throw more than two innings. Coach Kim picked these three players as the players he can trust and raise in a ‘thin ice’ situation. Through the demonstration game, the pitching condition was the best. The pitch is also good. They are also players who have the guts to fight hitters in situations where they have control or tight ice. 토토사이트

In particular, after Baek Seung-gun was discharged from the military last year, preparations for the season were carried out without any problems through camps in the United States and Japan this year. I am also satisfied. He showed confidence, saying, “I have been preparing hard, and it seems that there are good results because it has been connected from the camp to the present.”

From the Daegu Samsung Lions expedition on the 13th to the Jamsil LG Twins expedition on the 27th, he threw 8 innings and scored 2 runs in 5 mock tests. He has an earned run of 1. He gave up only one walk.