Jeonbuk lost 0-1 in a home game against Gangwon FC in the 10th round of the Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 held at 4:30 pm on the 29th at Jeonju World Cup Stadium in Jeollabuk-do, allowing Yang Hyeon-jun of Gangwon to score a theater goal in the 5th minute of extra time in the second half. In the opening 10 games, they have already won 6 losses (3 wins, 1 draw) and stayed in 9th place with 10 points.

In the 5th minute of extra time in the second half, when the game seemed to end in a 0-0 draw, Gangwon striker Yang Hyeon-joon overcame Jeonbuk defender Kim Geon-woong to win the ball after kicking it from the back of the Gangwon camp to the front. Afterwards, Yang Hyeon-jun ran to the Jeonbuk penalty box and had a one-on-one chance with the goalkeeper, shaking the net with a right-footed chip shot to give Gangwon a second consecutive win.

Jeonbuk was the strongest team that achieved five consecutive K-League 1 titles from 2017 to 2021. Last season, they stayed in second place behind Ulsan Hyundai, but despite 3 consecutive losses at the beginning of the season, they showed their potential to compete fiercely for the championship until the second half of the league.

However, Jeonbuk this season is unusual in a negative sense. Jeonbuk, who suffered a 1-2 defeat in the opening match against Ulsan in February, fell to the bottom of the ranks after being caught by teams that they thought were inferior in terms of power, from Daegu-Pohang-Suwon FC-Daejeon and even to Gangwon that day.

While Jeonbuk won 5 consecutive K-League 1 championships between 2017 and 2021, the most losses in a season were 6 losses in 38 games in 2021, and this year it reached 6 losses in 11 games. Even last season, when the early gap with Ulsan widened by up to 11 points after falling into a pit of three consecutive losses in the early stages of the league, Jeonbuk showed the potential to go on an undefeated streak from time to time, but there is no sign of a rebound this year.

Fans were also outraged at the disastrous performance, which was far from a championship candidate. Jeonbuk’s supporters expressed their anger by not cheering during the game, blocking the team’s bus from work, and urging the resignation of manager Kim Sang-sik and CEO Heo Byung-gil.

Even today, other problems arose. When Yang Hyun-jun’s foul was not called during the contest between Yang Hyeon-joon and Kim Geon-woong, Jeonbuk players protested to the referee as a group. Following this, even the starting right-back fullback Kim Moon-hwan was sent off directly for abusive language. While Hong Jeong-ho is unable to play until the Seoul game on May 5 and Kim Moon-hwan cannot play until the Seoul game and the Suwon Samsung game on May 10, the period may be longer depending on whether there is a follow-up disciplinary action. Here, after the game, the crowd intruded and had a verbal battle with the referee, and the messy atmosphere continued. 온라인카지노

Now, head coach Kim Doo-hyun’s command period is over, and coach Kim Sang-sik, who has been unable to play for two games due to an exit penalty, will return from the match against Seoul on May 5th. However, there are still too many mountains to overcome, such as unfavorable public opinion from fans, the suspension of two key defenders, and an away game against Seoul, which runs second in the league.

Just as if an incident repeats itself, it is no longer an incident, Jeonbuk is unable to show its potential as a champion team in the past by repeating shocking defeats. Here, unfortunate things happen one after another, and they really fell into a ‘total impasse’.