Barcelona beat ‘rival’ Real Madrid in the King’s Cup. 

Barcelona won 1-0 in the first leg of the semifinals of the 2022-23 season Copa del Rey (Spanish King’s Cup) against Real Madrid held at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid, Spain on the 3rd (Korean time). 

Barcelona laughed at Real home. Even though ‘main gun’ Roberto Lewandowski was out due to a hamstring injury, he achieved valuable results in enemy territory. The green light was turned on for the 32nd championship challenge by capturing rivals on the expedition.  베팅룸 토토

Victory and defeat were somewhat futile. Own goal mixed joy and sorrow. In the 26th minute of the first half, Frank Kesier’s shot hit Real goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois and was deflected by defender Eder Militao and went into the goal. Kessie was ruled offside, but after a VAR review, it was ruled as onside and the goal was awarded. 

Since then, Real has been constantly running for an equalizer, but it has not come to fruition. Real, which has not been able to establish a relationship with the King’s Cup since the 2013-14 season, is again in danger of being eliminated. 

The two teams will move to Barcelona’s home stadium, Camp Nou, on April 6 to play the second leg. 

Meanwhile, in the first leg of the semi-final between Athletic Bilbao and Osasuna, Osasuna won 1-0.