In 1982, the first year of Korean professional baseball, former coach Kim Young-deok, who led the championship as the first command tower of the OB Bears at the time, passed away on the 21st. He is 87 years old.

The deceased was born in Japan in 1936 and was active as a pitcher for the Nankai Hawks of the Japanese professional baseball from 1956 to 1963. He came to Korea in 1964 and dominated the domestic unemployment league with his main weapon, the slider.

Afterwards, former coach Kim first started his leadership career as a manager and player at Hanil Bank in 1970, and in 1982, when Korean professional baseball was launched, he served as the first command tower for the OB Bears. 카지노 That year, OB became the first champion of Korean professional baseball, and the deceased was honored with the title of ‘first championship command tower’.

The deceased continued his managerial career at Samsung Lions and Binggrae Eagles, and his performance as the Korean professional baseball command tower was 707 wins, 20 draws and 480 losses in 1207 games (0.596 win rate). Former coach Kim is the first generation leader of Korean professional baseball and has become a role model, receiving the respect of many baseball juniors.

Former director Kim’s mortuary was prepared in Room 3 of the funeral hall at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital. The funeral is at 10:30 am on the 25th. His resident is his son, Kim Seong-gyu.