The saying ‘ the main character of a great game should not be a referee ‘ is a phrase that does not fall out during referee training for each event .

In the ‘2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Pro Basketball Regular League ‘ , the two weekend matches were decided by the referee’s whistle . Coincidentally, Daegu Korea Gas Corporation suffered damage both times . 0.3 seconds before the end of the 2nd overtime match against Seoul SK on the 28th , and 0.8 seconds before the end of the 4th quarter in the away game against Anyang KGC on the 29th , the referee pointed out a foul, and even after hearing the buzzer sounded to end the game, he turned back time and dedicated a free throw to the opponent , I missed a great match . KOGAS coach Yoo Do-hoon collapsed on the bench at the referee’s decision .

The names of referee Kim Tae-hwan, who fouled 0.3 seconds before the end of the second overtime on the 28th , and referee Ji-yeon Lee, who fouled 0.8 seconds before the end of the fourth quarter on the 29th , were immediately summoned by basketball fans . The main character of the match has become the referee .

This scene became a hot topic among the coaching staff and officials of other clubs . One club manager said, “It is surprising that he blew the whistle in that situation, regardless of whether it was a foul. From the director’s point of view, the  blood is flowing backwards , ” he said . Another club official said, “ Even if it was a foul, since when did the referees call fouls at 0.3 seconds and 0.8 seconds after the end of the game ? Isn’t it the same as declaring that we will blow all kinds of things in the future ? Controversy has only increased, ” he voiced his concern . Coach Yoo Hoon also sighed deeply in an interview after the game, saying , ” I ‘ve never been fouled in this situation in over 40 years of basketball , but this happened two days in a row . “

Gas Corporation was hit hard . Instead of winning 2 at two whistles, 2 losses piled up . In a situation where one win was precious, two consecutive overtime losses dealt a huge physical and mental blow . But he can’t just stay disappointed . We have to play another match against Suwon KT on the 31st .

Director Yoo Do-hoon said, “ After the game, I had a phone call with General Manager Moon Kyung-eun . The judgment is unfortunate , but the judges have done their duty . There is no turning back . We are not in a situation where we should dwell on the past . ”

He continued, “ There is no use blaming others . Knowing our inadequacies is the first . In the SK game, all you have to do is put all the free throws in the match . In the KGC match , we would have won if we hadn’t made a pass miss at the end or if we had taken one less offensive rebound . In the end, we were the ones who created an excuse for the game to be decided with this decision . ”

The 2 overtime losses were hugely regrettable not only for coach Yoo Hoon but also for the players . Forward Jeong Hyo -geun even shed tears in the locker room after losing against KGC .

Director Yoo Do-hoon said, “( Jeong ) Hyo -geun cried for a long time in the bathroom of the locker room . Wouldn’t it be that he regretted his own mistakes and the team’s defeat ? He’s gone by the will . Hyo-geun did really well in two games over the weekend . He grabbed the rebound hard. He found the role he needed to play . 메이저사이트 The other players also worked really hard . ( Lee ) Daesung tried his best to do something in the game . A player who played 50 minutes against SK put it like that again in the second half when playing against KGC . One will is a really great player. He played well with Devon Scott , Cha Bawi , Lee Dae – heon , and even Belrangel . It’s too bad we lost, but our performance has improved, ” he praised the fighting spirit of the players . 

KOGAS ended up with 13 wins and 22 losses . It is three games behind Jeonju KCC (16-19 ) , which is in the final round of the playoffs , in 6th place . It is by no means a small difference . 

However, director Yoo Do-hoon did not give up. He said , “ There are still 19 games left . It’s not over . Neither I nor our players will give up . I will do it until the end . I will prepare well in order to win the next match . ”