Golf courses, the screen golf industry, and the Professional Golf Association welcome the government’s announcement of lifting the obligation to wear indoor masks, and the policy is to continue quarantine measures.

The government announced on the 20th that it will “discuss and finalize a plan to ease the obligation to wear an indoor mask from the 30th with the exception of some facilities.”

As a result, it was expected that the golf course industry, as well as screen golf enjoyed indoors, would become more lively than before.

Cho Yong-woon, managing director of Bravo Public Screen Golf, said, “There were often customers who were uncomfortable wearing masks because it was an indoor sport.” Recently, there were many cases of not eating because of the hassle of taking off the mask and putting it back on. With this mitigation measure, those inconveniences will be reduced, allowing people to enjoy active leisure activities as before.”

However, 먹튀검증 it plans to maintain the quarantine measures implemented after the spread of Corona 19.

Managing Director Cho said, “It is said that the mandatory wearing of indoor masks has been lifted, but as we are not yet completely free from Corona 19, we plan to continue to maintain quarantine measures such as periodic disinfection and keeping the store clean for customers’ health care and pleasant leisure activities. He added, “We will create and provide an environment where customers can enjoy screen golf comfortably.”