Hanam Football Association challenges to win the K7 League.

The third round of the 2023 K7 Hanam City Division League was held between Hanam Football Club and Xinjiang Football Club at the Hanam City General Sports Complex Auxiliary Stadium on the 9th. Hanam Football Club won the match 2-1.

Hanam Football Club conceded the first goal to their opponents in the 11th minute of the match. However, they scored a goal just before the end of the first half, and in the second half, Lee Seung-gun scored an own goal for the opponent to win 2-1.

The team was founded in 1980 and has a long and storied soccer history. As the name suggests, the team is comprised primarily of residents of Hanam, Gyeonggi-do. The players range in age from 20s to 70s. The team currently has around 100 registered players, making it the largest team in the K7 League.

Despite not having any “former players,” the team has recently won three straight games and is undefeated. “We are able to create competitive matches without having a player background,” said Song Jun-pyo, the team’s head coach.

In an interview with the Korea Football Association, Hanam’s captain Lee Seung-gun, who scored the final own goal, said, “The only game you can see is this one, but we’ve been working together behind the scenes for a long time. We will play with the mindset of winning this season,” he said after the victory.

Lee performed a skyward gesture after the team’s goal. “When I was in college, a Brazilian study abroad friend I played with was doing a skyward gesture. I was watching and thinking, ‘That’s cool. I want to do it like him,’ so I copied him,” he explained.

Lee Seung-gun, who has been the captain of the Hanam Football Team for five years, said, “It’s not easy to score a goal in a division league game because the tempo is so fast and the level of physical exertion is different.” He added, “Our team is strong. 안전놀이터 “Our team has a lot of power, so it’s important that we don’t let our guard down and keep communicating and coordinating with each other,” he added.

In their previous three matches, the Hanam Football Club won 1-0, 4-3, and 2-1 to secure three consecutive one-goal victories. Lee Seung-gun said, “It’s always disappointing to win by one goal. Today’s game was especially disappointing. We didn’t play well together,” he said.

Hanam Football Conference’s next opponent is Wirye FC. Lee Seung-gun said, “Wirye FC has a lot of players from the past. The next game is really important. If we can win the next game without being distracted, we will be closer to winning the championship,” he said.