Let’s start online casino! I’m going to introduce you to those who think that you can start smoothly if you prepare first.

Online casinos are actually the hardest at the beginning.

It may be troublesome if you do not understand what to prepare and what to recognize, so I will introduce the overall flow.

Examine the sites you use
It is said that there are now thousands of online casino sites around the world, and the number of sites targeting the Japanese market is increasing.

Online casinos have a licensing system, and licenses are issued only after passing strict standards, so it is said that the number of unscrupulous operators is relatively small compared to other industries.

In addition, it is said that there are many large companies that are developing for the Japanese market, so they can be used with peace of mind because they have abundant funds, but even so, preliminary research is necessary.

Instead of using one site 바카라사이트 at random, check out various sites and use the one that you think is safe.

Also, bonuses are different for each online casino, and the games that can be used are also different.

The online payment service is what you want to register at the same time as using an online casino.

When depositing money at an online casino, you basically put an online payment service in between.

This is because even if you can deposit with a credit card, you will not be able to deposit as an error from the middle.

Therefore, it is smoother to register for the online payment service from the beginning.

In recent years, although it is not an online payment service, online casinos have introduced remittances using crypto assets (virtual currencies) such as Bitcoin.

Among them, bitcoin, which is said to be the key currency, has been adopted quite a bit, and the speed of deposits and withdrawals is also immediately supported, so it is also recommended to register with a virtual currency exchange.

Bitcoin requires a procedure to purchase Bitcoin at a virtual currency exchange and transfer money from there to an online casino.