On the 2nd (Korean time), Kiwoom Heroes’ Arizona camp, Salt River Fields in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. Lee Jung-hoo, Lee Hyeong-jong, and Kim Hye-seong were training as a batting team. Foreign batters were also included in this group.

However, the large size was not unfamiliar. It was like watching Yasiel Puig.

However, Puig failed to renew his contract with Kiwoom Heroes due to personal problems. Kiwoom brought in Edison Russell instead of Puig. Russell came to Kiwoom as a substitute in 2020, but failed to renew the contract due to insufficient batting. 카지노

But it wasn’t the Russell I saw then. He has grown in size. His body was definitely bulked up to the point that most of the reporters who saw Russell for the first time thought he was Puig.

Director Hong Won-ki of Kiwoom was also surprised to see Russell. Director Hong said, “I was worried because my body was growing a lot, but it wasn’t just fat, it was all muscles.”

Russell played in 65 games in 2020 and had a batting average of .254, 2 homers and 31 RBIs. At the time of signing, fans had high expectations as a World Series winning member of the Chicago Cubs, but he failed to show impressive results in terms of accuracy or power in his hitting, and at the end of the season, he was unable to play as a starter.

He got a second chance in the KBO league. Kiwoom judged that it would not be easy to adapt to Russell because he came during the season at the time, and decided that he would be able to show a good enough figure if he prepared step by step from spring camp. 카지노 Since Kiwoom did not have a clear starting position on the shortstop side, Puig was left out, and rather decided to pick a player responsible for the shortstop defense, and the result led to Russell.

Russell returned to Kiwoom with a changed body. Season 2 of Russell is the bulked up version. Puig posted a batting average of .277 (131 hits in 473 at-bats) with 21 homers and 73 RBIs last year. It would be great if Russell could only do this much.