Even just 10 years ago, there was a clear difference in treatment between starting pitchers and bullpen pitchers in the major leagues. No matter how good a reliever pitcher was, it was common for him to accept contract terms worse than that of an A-class starter.

The players who changed this trend 슬롯사이트 are Craig Kimbrel (35), Aroldis Chapman (35), and Kenley Jansen (36), who have risen to the top of the major league career saves category. They went ahead and behind, raising the total amount of bullpen pitchers’ contracts, and this trend eventually led to Edwin Dias (New York Mets) signing the first bullpen contract worth $100 million ahead of this season, leading to an increase in the value of bullpen pitchers.

Kimbrel, who debuted in 2010, is recording 394 saves in his 13 years in the major leagues. He became the National League salvation king for four consecutive years from 2011 to 2014, including a historic 50 saves in 2013. Jansen, who also debuted in 2010, also recorded 391 saves in his career, ranking second after Kimbrel. Chapman, who received a brilliant spotlight as the best fastball pitcher in major league history, is recording 315 saves. The combined number of saves by the three players is 1,100.

They always competed for the best bullpen pitcher spot, and it was common for all three players to be included in the ‘TOP 5’. But times have changed. The juniors began to overtake the three players who gradually lost their skills, and now they all come down from the ‘TOP 10’ spot, realizing the futility of time. There is a clear trend of generational change in the history of the best bullpen pitcher in the major leagues.

In the ‘Top 10 by position at this point’ selected by the Major League Network every January, all three players did not rank in the top 10 this year. On the 11th (Korean time), the names of the three players could not be found in the ranking announced through the analysis of ‘Shredder’, an analysis program of its own. The same was true for the fans’ vote.

It is understandable that the Shredder Program values ​​recent grades. Only Jansen recorded 79 saves over two years, but Kimbrel and Chapman had a rough season, giving up even closer. Kimbrel signed with Philadelphia for 1 year and 10 million dollars, and Jansen signed with Boston for 2 years and 32 million dollars, respectively, which are lower than in their heyday. Even last year, Chapman, who was in trouble, could not even sign a current contract.

The positions of the three players have been taken over by other players. Edwin Dias is currently the best reliever pitcher selected by the Major League Network. Dias was outside the 10th place in the rankings last year, but made a name for himself 슬롯사이트 as the best bullpen pitcher last year with 3 wins, 1 loss, 32 saves and an average ERA of 1.31 in 61 games. Dias made history as a bullpen pitcher by agreeing to a guaranteed $102 million contract over the next five years.

Emmanuel Classe (Cleveland) rose from 4th place last year to 2nd this year, and Devin Williams (Milwaukee) kept the 3rd place following last year. Evan Phillips (LA Dodgers), who was also not in the rankings last year, rose to 4th place. Six players who were outside the 10th place last year entered the top 10, realizing that the relief landscape is changing.