The eyes of the two clubs are focused on the aftermath of the disciplinary action.

British media ‘Sky Sports’ said on the 21st (Korean time), “Tottenham Hotspur general manager Fabio Paratici was suspended for 30 months from the Italian football world.” Former team Juventus was punished with a 15-point reduction in Italian Serie A.”

An incident that shook the Italian football world took place. On the 21st, the Italian Football Confederation (FIGC) announced through its official channel, “The Italian prosecutors have captured the circumstances of Juventus’ fraudulent accounting.” The board, including former Juventus general manager Fabio Paratici and vice-president Pavel Nedved, will be suspended for at least eight to 30 months.”

A prestigious club was once again in disgrace. In 2006, Juventus suffered a disgrace to the Italian football world with the match-fixing incident at Calcio Poli. About 17 years later, in January 2023, he received a severe punishment from FIGC for accounting fraud and market manipulation. According to 온라인카지노 ‘Sky Sports’, Juventus actually recorded a loss of 220 million pounds (approximately 336.8 billion won) last season. This is the worst loss in Juventus history.

The punishment may also affect Tottenham. ‘Sky Sports’ said, “The current Tottenham general manager Paratici was suspended from the Italian football world for 2 years and 6 months due to FICG’s disciplinary action.” It is also included,” he explained.

The media then confirmed, “I contacted Tottenham directly to find out the sanctions against Paratic,” and “I did not do anything wrong with my current team, Tottenham.”

Juventus, who received a severe punishment, fell to 10th in the league rankings. They were virtually eliminated from the championship competition, and it is impossible to guarantee advances to the UEFA Champions League (UCL) next season.

As a result, Juventus plans to rebel against FICG. Multiple media such as ‘ESPN’ said, “Juventus club lawyers feel that the punishment is unfair,” and “Juventus supporters also announced that they would fight against the FICG’s decision.”