“It should be able to play the role of last season’s font.”

SSG Landers made a foreign player replacement ahead of this season. Wilmer Font appeared in 28 games last season, going 13-6 with a 2.69 ERA with 63 runs (55 earned) in 184 innings. Font signed a minor league contract with the San Diego Padres to re-challenge on the American stage. Morimando, wearing the SSG uniform as a substitute pitcher in the middle of last season, recorded 19 runs (14 ERA) in 12 games, 7 wins, 1 loss, 75⅓ innings, and an average ERA of 1.67, but SSG chose to break up. Eventually, Morimando transferred to Taiwan’s Zhongxin Brothers.

SSG brought in two left-handed pitchers to replace Font and Morimando, who contributed to the ‘Wire-to-Wire’ win last season. Kirk McCarty and Annie Romero. The outside hitter also replaced Juan Lagares with Guillermo Heredia.

On the 24th (Korean time), Romero and McCarty appeared side by side in their own blue and white match held at the Jackie Robinson Training Complex in Vero Beach, Florida, USA. Romero recorded 1 run (1 earned), 1 hit (1 home run), 2 walks and 3 strikeouts in 1⅔ innings. The top speed was 151 km/h. McCarty pitched well with 1 hit and 3 strikeouts in 2 innings without allowing a run. Top speed is 146 km/h.

Director Kim Won-hyeong, who arrived at Incheon International Airport on the 26th, praised the two foreign pitchers. He predicted last season that he could play the same role as Font. Director Kim said, “Mccarty is in very good condition now. He built his body early. Romero is also in good condition, but he is gradually improving. I think he can play the role of a font last season.”

At the beginning of the season, there is a possibility that two foreign pitchers will have to play the first starter role instead of Kim Gwang-hyun. 카지노사이트 This is because Kim Gwang-hyun is participating in the World Baseball Classic (WBC). The Korean national team will play its first match against Australia on March 9 at the Tokyo Dome in Japan. If they make it to the finals, they will be on the final stage on March 22nd at Londipo Park in Miami, Florida, USA. If that happens, there may be a physical burden on Kim Gwang-hyun ahead of the opening match on April 1st.

Manager Kim Won-hyung said, “Last year, (Kim) Kwang-hyeon’s return was delayed, so Font started as the first starter. This year, if the national team goes to a high position in the WBC, I think we will have to change the starting rotation.” will be the first starter,” he said.

Meanwhile, SSG will take a day off on the 27th and leave for Okinawa, Japan on the 28th. SSG plans to improve their sense of practice by playing practice matches against Lotte Giants, Hanwha Eagles, and Samsung Lions at the second spring camp in Okinawa.