Bad things happened to Chiro Immobile.

On the 16th, global media ‘The Athletic’ reported, “Lazio striker Immobile is hospitalized with a rib fracture after a car accident with a tram in Rome, the home of his team.”

Immobile stated in an interview with the Italian media ‘AGTW’ that “the tram ran at a red light”. Tram, which means streetcar, 먹튀검증 seems to have violated traffic laws. What is believed to be Immobile’s vehicle was in a severely damaged state.

Fortunately, however, as can be seen from the interview, Immobile is not seriously injured. On the same day, Lazio said on the official website, “There is a rib fracture, but fortunately Immobile is in good condition and continues to receive treatment at the emergency hospital.”

Immobile is a Lazio legend, scoring 12 goals in 30 games this season. Through this, he is leading his team’s 2nd place cruise, but it seems that it will not be easy for the time being.