The development and use of social network service (SNS) is lowering the threshold of space and time. SNS users can now view the person’s posts, send comments and one-on-one messages, just by knowing the other person’s account.

SNS characteristics appear more clearly in the case of people who receive public attention, such as politicians, celebrities, and athletes. It is the same in professional baseball. However, although players and fans communicate and become intimate through social media, conflicts and frictions are also increasing. 

Now, a month after the opening of the KBO League, there are two major problems. Both incidents are related to Hanwha Eagles foreign players. 

On April 15th, Hanwha outfielder Brian O’Gredi posted malicious comments on social media, saying, “There are a lot of comments criticizing me for not being Korean or telling me to go home on social media posting pictures of myself and my daughter.” revealed After the opening ceremony, he expressed his frustration about his performance, saying, “No one wants me to do better than I do.” Afterwards, O’Grady deleted his post and made his social media private. 

If a player writes criticism on the player and the player’s family as a comment on the player’s SNS, the writer may be charged with insult or defamation. In the case of defamation, additional punishment may be imposed under the Information and Communications Network Act. In addition, if the content of the comment causes fear or anxiety, the crime of intimidation can be established. If you repeatedly post these comments, the Information and Communications Network Act or the Stalking Punishment Act may also be applied. In addition, if you post comments that cause sexual shame or disgust for the purpose of inducing or satisfying sexual desire, it may fall under the Sexual Violence Punishment Act. 

Second, an incident in which a fan and Birch Smith exchanged negative content with each other through one-on-one messages on social media was also on the cutting board. Smith was recruited this season and played in the opening game, but was replaced after 2 2/3 innings due to shoulder pain and was eventually released. Afterwards, when a fan sent a message to the released Smith saying “good bye injury prone man”, Smith replied “Bye bye! Have fun in your garbage country” to the internet community. It was made public and became controversial. 

Insults and defamation using one-on-one messages are not performative. However, if a one-on-one message is revealed, as in this case, there is a possibility that the performance will be recognized. In addition, if you repeatedly send content that causes fear or anxiety, or send content that causes sexual shame or disgust, you may fall under the aforementioned Information and Communications Network Act, the Stalking Punishment Act, and the Sexual Violence Punishment Act. 먹튀검증

Fans may be disappointed as the pitcher expected to be the first starter threw only 60 pitches in the opening game and was immediately released after voluntarily throwing. However, it can become a problem if the content goes beyond criticism and becomes ridicule or sarcasm. The same goes for players. In the case of Smith, in particular, he will have to accept criticism for being excited about negative content about himself and for describing the national anthem of the league in which he was active as trash. The KBO Rules stipulate that ‘in case of causing social controversy through anti-social behavior such as defamation through social media’ is regarded as an act of damaging dignity, and a suspension of 5 games or more or a penalty of 500,000 won or more is imposed (Article 151). If Smith belongs to the KBO League, I think he will be sanctioned according to the above rules. 

SNS connects fans and players closely. Fans use comments and one-on-one messages to directly convey their support and criticism to the players. As much as we can communicate directly, we need to be more considerate of each other than before. In particular, I hope that the fans’ bitter comments will not spread to indiscriminate character insults to the players or to the players’ families. Communication is not one side pouring out or accepting, but giving and receiving.