SSG Landers Kim Gwang-hyun departed for Florida, USA, where the ‘2023 Spring Camp’ will be held through Incheon International Airport on the morning of the 25th.

Due to Corona 19, the overseas spring camp will be held in 3 years. Among the 45 first-team spring camp teams, 13 people, including Kim Gwang-hyeon, Choi Jeong, Kim Kang-min, Oh Taek-geun, and Kim Seong-hyun, left early for the purpose of local adaptation and self-training.

Kim Gwang-hyun held the hands of his daughter, who is going up to the 4th grade of elementary school, and his son, who is going up to the 2nd grade, and moved together to the departure hall. 메이저사이트 When Kim Gwang-hyun had an interview with the reporters for a long time, the second son of the second year approached Kim Gwang-hyun curiously and watched for a while.

Kim Gwang-hyun’s second son is also learning baseball at a baseball school. According to an official from Kim Gwang-hyun’s agency, “He has a lot of talent in baseball, perhaps because he resembles his father’s talent. Compared to his peers, his skills are also good.”

Kim Gwang-hyun, who is leaving the country, said, “This year seems to start twice as fast as last year. Compared to the time when I signed last year, this year I have to play the WBC during that period. In fact, it is a bit burdensome, but I am called by the country It is to throw. Also, since it depends on my ability, I will overcome it well and stand on the mound in good shape.”Meanwhile, a total of 62 large-scale personnel, including 17 coaches, 22 pitchers, 4 catchers, and 19 fielders, including SSG coach Kim Won-hyeong, will participate in the spring camp in Florida and Okinawa, USA. Seven young people were also included, including four newcomers this year and three newcomers last year.