Mallorca’s captain Antonio Rayo (32) criticized Vinicius Junior (23) again before the match against Real Madrid.

Mallorca will play the 20th round of the 2022/2023 Spanish La Liga against Real Madrid at the home stadium, Visit Mallorca Estadi, on the 5th (Korean time). Mallorca plans to gather the momentum of its three home wins to capture the giant, Real Madrid.

In September of last year, the first confrontation between Mallorca and Real Madrid, there was an uproar over Vinicius’ personal provocation. At the time, Vinicius often showed dribbles that seemed to fool Mallorca players. Naturally, Mallorca treated Vinicius roughly.

Eventually, Vinicius exploded. During the match, Javier Aguirre approached Mallorca coach and tried to express his displeasure. It didn’t lead to a collision because his teammates blocked it, but Vinicius was angry, saying, “Coach Aguirre ordered me to kick me.” In response, coach Aguirre did not respond, saying, “There are many stories in football.” 온라인카지노

At this time, Rayo, the captain of Mallorca, revealed that Vinicius’ provocative play was the reason for his rough play, and pointed out that he was not an exemplary attitude. Even before the head-to-head match, his thoughts did not change.

In a recent interview with ‘DAZN’ streaming, Raiyo said about Vinicius, “I abide by what I said at the beginning. I won’t comment on it anymore.” It will be Benzema. Vinicius will never be.”

Regarding the controversial instruction of director Aguirre, he explained, “He is a very honest person. In that respect, he is very serious, but he also creates a good atmosphere with jokes.”