The possibility of a long-term absence for Morant (Memphis), who took out a gun from the club and was on the cutting board, was raised. The police also launched an investigation.

Local media ‘ESPN’ said on the 8th (Korean time), “The Colorado local police are investigating Morant for taking out a gun at the club. Violation of gun control laws will be an issue.”

Morant returned to the club after an away loss to the Denver Nuggets on the 4th. Morant conducted an SNS live at the club, through which the scene of Morant taking out a small pistol with his left hand was spread. Morant, who recognized the mistake, immediately deactivated the SNS account, but it was only after the water was spilled. 세븐 토토

The team Memphis Grizzlies issued a two-game suspension, and Morant also made an official statement, saying, “I will take responsibility for inappropriate behavior. We apologize for disappointing everyone, including the club, family, colleagues, fans, and sponsors. I will take the time to learn how to take good care of my mental health.” The NBA Secretariat is also investigating the matter.

In Colorado, it is illegal to possess a firearm while intoxicated. ‘ESPN’ said, “The NBA also prohibits carrying guns during away games. It was not clear from the SNS live whether Morant was drunk, but people around him were drinking.” ‘The Rally’ also predicted, “Depending on the details of the police investigation, Morant’s hiatus may last for several weeks.”