Ivan Perisic is under criticism. He is even evaluated as a ‘distinguished player’ for not playing a game.

Tottenham Hotspur won 3-1 against Nottingham Forest in the 27th round of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2022-23 season held at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England at 0:00 am (Korean time) on the 12th. With this, Tottenham (48 points) continued to fight for 4th place.

There were big and small changes in the starting lineup. First, Harry Kane, Son Heung-min, and Richarlison sortied to the forefront. Dejan Kulusevski went down to the bench. Richarlison, who was openly dissatisfied after the loss to AC Milan last time, was given another chance.

There were also changes on the side. Antonio Conte’s favorite student, Perisic, went down and Ben Davis wingback was put into operation. On the right side, Emerson Royale was also missing and Pedro Porro sortied. In the meantime, I had to somehow solve the frustrating scoring ability.

Conte’s decision shined through. Tottenham took the lead with multiple goals from Harry Kane in the 18th and 35th minutes of the first half. In the 17th minute of the second half, even Son Heung-min shook the net and peaked. Richarlison, who was put in as a starter, was involved in all three goals and lived up to expectations.

Tottenham defeated Nottingham with a final score of 3-1. We need to revisit the number of victories. Tottenham have 2 wins, 1 draw and 4 losses in the last 7 matches ahead of today’s match against Nottingham. I only won against West Ham United and Chelsea, where Perisic was missing, and the same result came out today. Son Heung-min was also sharper. 스마일 토토

In the end, the arrow of criticism is heading towards Perisic. Tottenham fans said on social media, “When Davies came out as a wingback, Son Heung-min flew up!”, “NO Perisic, NO PROBLEM”, “Today’s MOM (Man Of the Match, Distinguished Player) is Perisic. He does not play. Because I didn’t,” he commented.

Now Tottenham is spurring for the final goal, TOP4 Mercury. Tottenham will challenge for a winning streak against Southampton at 0:00 am on the 19th at St Mary’s Stadium in Southampton, England.