In the second half of the 2022 season, there is a Lotte player who performed as well as Lee Jung-hoo.

Ko Seung-min exploded in the second half with a batting average of .414, an on-base percentage of .465, a slugging percentage of .547, and an OPS of 1.012. Based on 100 or more at-bats, he ranked first in batting average, first in on-base percentage, sixth in slugging percentage, and second in OPS, ranking at the top of most percentage statistics. 400 batting average is the only Koh Seung-min (2nd place Lee Jung-hoo .373), and the only two hitters with an OPS over 1 are Lee Jeong-hoo (1.031) and Ko Seung-min.

This is an achievement he made right after he was discharged from the military as an active duty soldier. Ko Seung-min’s performance in the first half was only .198 OPS .619. He even hit a dramatic come-from-behind three-run home run in the ninth inning against Doosan on May 22, but it was disappointing in many ways to play as the main player. General Manager Seong Min-gyu and coach Sutton steadily gave the late Seung-min a chance, which laid the foundation for his leap forward in the second half.

Koh Seung-min gained 8kg in the army, which showed an improvement in his batted ball quality. He completed his 189cm, 92kg tall physical body and began actively pulling batted balls (48.1% of batted balls caught)

. In the second half, Ko Seung-min’s batting average (BABIP) for in-play batting reached a whopping .505. Batters with excellent batting quality tend to have a high BABIP, but this is an abnormally high number.

Also, Koh Seung-min shares the same regrets as Han Dong-hee. With a fly ball out/ground ball out ratio of 0.59, most batted balls hit the ground. This is the 10th highest rate in the league. (Han Dong-hee, 16th, 0.64) No matter how good the batting quality is, if the launch angle is low, the scoring productivity will drop. 슬롯사이트

He also needs to overcome his weaknesses against left-handed pitchers. Ko Seung-min posted a batting average of .324 OPS .846 against right pitchers and a batting average of .250 OPS .724 against left pitchers. Of course, coach Sutton appointed Seung-Min Ko as a platoon against right-handed pitchers. However, when looking at the strikeout rate, which is a record that quickly stabilizes even in a small sample, there is a big difference at 16.9% against righties and 26.9% against lefties.

Koh Seung-min, who is actually in his first full-time season. In order for Lotte to advance to the final 5, Go Seung-min’s performance is essential. Let’s pay attention to Ko Seung-min’s performance this year.