“Kim Min-jae, who was worried about Serie A, expected success because he prepared thoroughly”.

Hong Jeong-ho (Jeonbuk), who worked with Jeonbuk Hyundai and Kim Min-jae as a national team defender, could not hide his joy.

Napoli won 3-0 in the 21st round match against Italian Serie A Spezia in the 2022-2023 season held at Stadio Alberto Pico in Italy on the 5th (Korean time). With this victory, Napoli consolidated its lead by running 5 consecutive victories with 18 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss with 56 points.

Kim Min-jae participated as a starter and shared a great victory with the team. In particular, Kim Min-jae showed off his unchanging position in the team by starting 14 consecutive games after the last 6 rounds.

Hong Jeong-ho, who played an active role as a central defender during Kim Min-jae’s Jeonbuk era, did not spare praise for his junior’s performance.

Kim Min-jae has been leading Napoli’s high-altitude march with sensational performances since the first season after moving to Italy. He naturally emerged as the number one defensive reinforcement for a big club in Europe in less than a season. He is in the limelight as the best defender in the European big leagues and is opening a ‘success era’.

In particular, Kim Min-jae is already linked to big clubs such as Manchester United and PSG. Napoli wants to renew the contract, but it is true that it is burdensome.

Hong Jeong-ho, who is conducting field training in Marbella, Spain, said, “(Kim) Min-jae said that he was burdened after transferring to Serie A. He said he was amazed not only to get into Serie A, but also to train with his players. He explained that he thought that the ability of the candidate players was also great.” I felt he was a really great player.”

Hong Jung-ho thinks that the reason for Kim Min-jae’s success is thorough preparation. He said, “Once I entered China, I came face-to-face with outstanding players from Europe. That’s how he started preparing and he had time to prepare again when he moved to Turkiye. He went straight to the big leagues and prepared thoroughly, not creating a burdensome situation. 온라인카지노 He is a very capable player and he is well prepared, so I think he has become the best defender in Serie A.”

Hong Jeong-ho also played an active role in Europe. He played for Augsburg in the German Bundesliga from 2013 to 2016. Although rare for a defender, Hong Jung-ho was recognized for his ability in the Bundesliga. Hong Jeong-ho, along with Kim Min-jae, built Jeonbuk’s strong defense. He was Jeonbuk, well-known for ‘Dak-gong (shut up and attack)’, but the role of the defense team that allowed the least runs was also important for an early victory. At the center, Hong Jung-ho was with Kim Min-jae.

On the other hand, Hong Jeong-ho said, “Park Ji-soo, who entered Portugal, is the same. He is known as a talented player. His physique is different from that of a typical Asian, so if he adapts well, he will be able to advance on a bigger stage.”