Manager Graham Porter talked about the difficulties of managing Chelsea and said that he, like other Premier League managers, needs time. 

Sky Sports, a British media outlet, reported on Porter’s press conference ahead of the league match against Fulham on the 12th (Korean time), and said, “Coach Porter said that Chelsea’s managerial job is the most difficult job in football since the owner changed.” . 

Sky Sports: “Chelsea has been struggling since Roman Abramovich sold the club. New owner Todd Boley has spent £350 million (about 530 billion won) since taking over the club, but he is currently in 10th place in the Premier League,” he said, referring to the current Chelsea situation. 

The atmosphere of the fans is also going to the worst.

The media explained the reaction of local fans, saying, “After losing 0-4 to Manchester City in the third round of the FA Cup on the 9th, fans chanted the names of Abramovich and Thomas Tuchel.” 

“I think this club has been running really well for 20 years,” Porter said of Chelsea’s past at a press conference, according to a Sky Sports report. I have the utmost respect for what they have accomplished.” 

“They are not here anymore. We have new people and structures. But still people have demands and expectations of Chelsea. We are still not up to the level of competition. But people don’t seem to see it that way.” 

Porter stressed the need to acknowledge the new Chelsea. 

“We have to deal with the new,” he said. Circumstances have changed, gone. have to build it up again. Perhaps this is the hardest thing in football. However, since it is a new chapter, I think it can be difficult to go through some pain, and I am grateful for the support of the fans,” he said about his position on rebuilding Chelsea. 

Regarding his situation, which has recently suffered serious sluggishness and is rumored to be hard, he explained that he needed time by citing the examples of other coaches. 

“Pep Guardiola’s first season, Mikel Arteta endured criticism for quite some time,” Porter said. Manager Jurgen Klopp also said that the first few years were the same.” 

In the case of Guardiola, the team was quickly built with a lot of investment and rebuilding in a shorter period of time, but in the case of Arteta and Klopp, 카지노사이트.it is said that the club was able to make the current results because the club invested time and watched for as little as 2 years and as long as 4 years. all.

In particular, in the case of coach Arteta, he received a lot of criticism after finishing 8th in the 2019/20 and 2020/21 seasons, but Arsenal trusted him. 

As a result, they competed until the end of the season for tickets to the UEFA Champions League last season, and this season, they led the Premier League and developed the team enough to even consider competing for the championship.

Manager Porter seems to have emphasized that if he is sacked immediately due to sluggish performance, as in the case of manager Arteta, it will be difficult to achieve results as Chelsea manager.

Ahead of the match against Fulham, news that his retirement could be decided depending on the result of the game appeared through local reports in the UK, and Chelsea fans are curious to see if Porter can cut off his sluggishness and succeed in rebounding to produce the same results as other great managers. Attention is expected to be focused.