In the 10th round, 2nd place Pohang (19 points) and 10th place Incheon (9 points) meet. This season is a special year for both teams. This is because Pohang celebrated its 50th anniversary and Incheon celebrated its 20th anniversary. Therefore, ahead of the opening of the season, Pohang promised to win, and Incheon raised expectations with a massive reinforcement as they entered the first AFC Champions League. However, about two months after the opening, the atmosphere of the two teams is quite different.

First of all, the atmosphere of the home team Pohang is the best. Pohang is the only undefeated team among 12 K-League 1 teams, recording 5 wins and 4 draws after the opening, and won 1-0 in the previous 9th round against Suwon. Pohang’s strength this season is the even performance of all players. Led by captain Kim Seung-dae, the young gun Ko Young-joon-Lee Ho-jae duo, the new midfield combination Kim Jong-woo-Oberdan, and transfer students Baek Seong-dong, Jeka, and Kim In-seong, who are perfectly integrated into the team, are showing decent performance. Goalkeeper Hwang In-jae, Ha Chang-rae, Park Seung-wook, and Sim Sang-min, who conceded only 8 goals in 9 games, also have a strong defensive line, showing no leaks on both offense and defense. 크크크벳

On the other hand, away team Incheon is off to a shaky start. Contrary to what was highly anticipated at the beginning of the season, they only won 2 wins in 9 games, and lost 0-1 in the previous 9th round against Ulsan. Currently, Incheon is in 4th place with 9 points and 15 goals, and is in need of a breakthrough in both offense and defense, ranking 4th with the lowest score and 2nd with the most.

However, in the 8th round, ‘Returned Youth’ Cheon Seong-hoon scored his K-League debut goal and multiple goals, emerging as a new hope for Incheon’s attack. In addition, Shin Jin-ho and Delbridge, who took a break in the 9th round held during the week, also promise to do well in the Pohang game. In particular, in this game, Shin Jin-ho seems to have enough motivation as he faces Pohang, his former team, where he served as captain until last year.

The match between Pohang and Incheon, which is about to face off for the first time this season, will be held on the 30th (Sun) at 3pm at Pohang Steel Yard.