Last year, the Lotte Giants’ bullpen average ERA was 4.86, the lowest among 10 clubs.

One of the many reasons for Lee Dae-ho’s retirement season ending in 8th place was anxiety about the bullpen. The longer the match, the lower the win rate. Failed to advance to the postseason for 5 consecutive years after finishing 3rd in 2017. The disgrace of not being on the fall stage for the longest time among the 10 clubs followed.

He couldn’t be left unattended any longer.

In this Stove League, he took a giant step forward. In order to make a leap forward, it has embarked on a large-scale investment and recruitment. He actively took advantage of the salary cap allowance that was applied from this season. From Kangnam Yoo, Jinhyuk Noh, and Hyunhee Han, they all filled the limit for recruiting outside free agents. Preliminary free agent Park Se-hyeok was put under pressure with a multi-year contract for a huge amount.

The focus was on strengthening the center line. Focused on key positions such as pitcher, catcher, and shortstop. It was to establish an unshakable center for reconstruction.

The pitching staff focused on reinforcing the bullpen.

In the release market, they caught veteran reliever Kim Sang-soo and Yoon Myung-jun. It also opened up opportunities for Cha Woo-chan, Shin Jeong-rak, and Hyun Do-hoon. On top of that, the signing of free agency Han Hyun-hee took the finishing touch.

A large number of veteran reliever pitchers who have gone through all kinds of battles are recruited. Will Lotte be able to overcome bullpen anxiety?

Hopeful. Among active pitchers, 5 players exceeded 100 holds. Following LG Jin Hae-soo (150 hold) and Hanwha Jung Woo-ram (137 hold), 바카라사이트 Han Hyun-hee is tied for third place with KT Ju-kwon with 105 hold. In fifth place is Kim Sang-soo, who is recording 102 holds. Kim Sang-soo and Han Hyun-hee, who ate a pot of rice at Kiwoom until 2020, reunited at Lotte.

Yoon Myeong-jun, a former Doosan Pilseungjo, is recording 63 holds. The total number of holds recorded by the three newly recruited veteran pitchers is 270.

Han Hyun-hee’s attractive point is that he is an all-weather pitcher who can handle both starting and bullpen positions. Depending on the situation, it can be used as a starter or a bullpen. If Han Hyun-hee, who is currently ranked third in overall hold, cracks down on the back door, the Lotte bullpen is expected to become much stronger.

Here, Cha Woo-chan, who recorded 21 holds in 2014 and 32 holds in total, is preparing for a revival. There is also veteran sidearm Shin Jeong-rak, who recorded 11 saves and 31 holds. Hyeon Do-hun, a right-handed fast-ball pitcher from Doosan, is also a resource that can add strength to the bullpen.

If some of the various bullpen pitchers gathered in the release market, led by free agent Han Hyun-hee, revive in earnest, the Lotte bullpen can become solid by combining with the existing Pil Seung-jo. This is a big picture that Lotte is envisioning through collecting bullpen resources throughout the winter.