Cristiano Ronaldo (Al Nasr) has a chance to double his salary.

Ronaldo joined Al Nasr, which is supported by the Saudi Arabian government, and recorded an annual salary of 200 million euros (270 billion won). It is the highest salary in the world. It is an astronomical amount, nearly twice the 104.14 million euros (144.5 billion won) of Kylian Mbafe (Paris Saint-Germain), the world’s number one annual salary. 안전놀이터

It seems that this amount is still insufficient. There is a way for Ronaldo to earn 540 billion won, twice as much as 270 billion won. It is the role of an ambassador for hosting the 2030 World Cup in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia aims to host the second Middle East World Cup in 2030, following the example of Qatar in 2022. Saudi Arabia is trying to host the World Cup with ‘sports washing’ as Qatar did. Ronaldo is at the center of it.

When signing the contract with Al Nasr, Ronaldo was asked to act as an ambassador for Saudi Arabia, but it is known that Ronaldo declined this role during the negotiations. Then Saudi Arabia appears to be persuading Ronaldo again with the condition of doubling his annual salary. 안전놀이터

France’s ‘AFP’ reported that “Saudi Arabia has offered to double Ronaldo’s salary if he helps promote the 2030 World Cup bid.”