With the opening of this season, the professional volleyball men’s Woori Card met a reef called the season out of middle blocker Kim Jae-hwi (30). As Kim Jae-hwi, who was recovering from a knee injury, had to undergo surgery due to an enlarged aortic aneurysm, his power was clouded over. In addition, even veteran Ha Hyun-yong (41), 먹튀검증 who was active as a starting middle blocker, was sent to Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance through a trade before the season.

There is someone who can make Woori Card manager Shin Young-cheol smile. This is Woori Card’s 2nd year middle blocker Lee Sang-hyun (24). Lee Sang-hyun, who wore the Woori Card uniform with the 4th pick in the 1st round of the rookie draft last season, showed his potential by scoring 57 points in 58 sets in 19 games in his debut season. In place of Ha Hyun-yong, who was injured, he started from the opening game and scored 7 points and took a snow stamp.

In his second season, he plays in all the team’s games and is becoming the number one middle blocker. What stands out in particular is the speed record. As of the 10th, Lee Sang-hyun has a quick attack success rate of 63.33%, and is running second after Korea Electric Power’s middle blocker Shin Young-seok (37, success rate 67.59%), who represents the men’s division. He even reached the top spot in the division at one point in the season.

Thanks to his fast-paced performance, he is 27th in the league in scoring (115 points), but he is fourth among middle blockers after Shin Young-seok (177 points), Korean Air Kim Min-jae (157 points), and Kim Gyu-min (127 points). It is explained that he is immersed in video analysis with setter Hwang Seung-bin (31) and finds a good attack timing.

Blocking is not at the top of the league at 0.329 per set, 13th, but it is evaluated that it is improving as the rounds pass, such as increasing blocking assists.

Although he started exercising in his freshman year of high school (Inha University Affiliated High School), which was later than others, his growth rate is fast, such as taking the starting position in his lower grades in college. Although he is 200 cm tall, it is evaluated that he has good jumps and speed compared to his tall height.

Among the same age born in 1999, wing strikers such as Lim Dong-hyuk of Korean Air, Lim Seong-jin of Korea Electric Power Company, and Kim Ji-han of Woori Card are attracting attention.

As Woori Card recently recruited middle blocker Park Joon-hyeok (26), who is 205cm tall, from Hyundai Capital through a trade, watching the performance of the young tall duo with Lee Sang-hyun is also something Woori Card fans can enjoy.

However, coach Shin Yeong-cheol said, “It has improved, but you need to know how to play volleyball that is more suitable for a professional team. 먹튀검증 There is a long way to go,” he said, stingy with praise. It is the result of a desire to open up more potential for growth rather than being complacent.