Shin Jae-won (25) plays for Seongnam FC, where his father Shin Tae-yong (53), the Indonesian national team coach, was active.

Seongnam announced on the 13th that it had recruited Shin Jae-won through a free contract.

Seongnam has a deep relationship with director Shin Tae-yong, father of Shin Jae-won.

From 1992 when he made his professional debut to 2004, Shin is a club legend who played in 401 games wearing the uniform of Seongnam Ilhwa (including Cheonan Ilhwa), the predecessor of Seongnam FC, and scored 99 goals and contributed 68 assists.

In the K-League, while playing only in Seongnam, he won the Rookie Award in 1992, the MVP Award in 1995 and 2001, the K-League Best 11 9 times, and the K-League’s first 60 (goal)-60 (assist) club.

While coach Shin was playing, Seongnam 온라인바카라.won three league championships in a row twice (1993-1995, 2001-2003), and reached the top in the Korea Football Association (FA) Cup, League Cup, and Asian Club Championship.

After his retirement, Shin took the helm of Seongnam and led the team to win the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League in 2010 and the FA Cup in 2011.

He also served as a player in Seongnam from 2003 to 2004 with Lee Ki-hyeong, the current Seongnam commanding tower.

Shin Jae-won, who spent his childhood in Australia as a player and coach for Queensland Roar, also played for the Korean Under-16 (U-16) team.

After graduating from high school, he went to Korea University and experienced the championship in the 2017 University King’s Championship, and in the U-League in 2018, he played an active part in 12 matches and 10 points.

After starting his professional career at FC Seoul in the 2019 season, he went through Ansan Greeners and Suwon FC, scoring 1 goal and 1 assist in 32 K-League games.

Shin Jae-won, who can play both wing-forward and wing-back, expressed his determination to make a new start, saying, “I will become a long-remembered player in Seongnam.”

After completing the medical test, Shin Jae-won plans to join Seongnam’s first winter training camp, Chiang Mai, Thailand.