Asan Dosol Korean Medicine Hospital provided herbal medicine to Chungnam Asan FC.

Asan Dosol Korean Medicine Hospital (Director Jeong Yoo-gyeong) visited the Chungnam Asan team during winter training in the Namhae area and provided herbal medicine (Kyungok High School) to help.

Located in Mojong-dong, Asan-si, Dosol Oriental Medicine Hospital is a hospital that can perform everything from examinations to oriental non-surgical treatment through collaboration between oriental and western medicine. Dosol Oriental Medicine Hospital, which is also a target institution for the medical cooperation pilot project designated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, can treat various symptoms such as traffic accident treatment, disc, spinal/joint disease sports injury, and rehabilitation treatment, and provides outpatient and inpatient treatment 365 days a year. do. 스포츠토토

Dosol Oriental Medical Hospital, which has been with the club since its inception, helps prevent injuries and improves performance by providing customized medical treatment for each player, winter training every year, and herbal medicine support during the season, such as Kyungok High School.

In addition, it has been involved in various activities with Chungnam Asan. Chungnam Asan is spreading warmth to the local community through various activities with the club, such as medical discount events and herbal medicine support for Soonchunhyang University’s women’s soccer club soccer clinic, and donation of game tickets to promote the right to enjoy sports culture for youths in Asan City.

Jeong Seong-wook, head of Dosol Oriental Medicine Hospital, who visited the training ground, said, “I hope that the herbal medicine delivered will be helpful to the players. I wish FC good luck.”

On the other hand, Chungnam Asan will start its 2023 season long journey, starting with the opening game against Sangmu Kim Cheon at Yi Sun-shin Sports Complex on the 1st of next month at 4:00.