The possibility of Tottenham’s flagship goalkeeper Hugo Lloris leaving Tottenham at the end of this season is constantly being raised.

Lloris is 36 years old. It is the age that comes down from the prime of life. In fact, his performance is also on the decline. From his frequent mistakes to his frequent injuries, Lloris couldn’t stop the flow of his years. The Tottenham legend, who played 447 games in 11 seasons from 2012 to this season, is also losing his position in the team.

Local media are reporting one after another that Tottenham is preparing to part with Lloris, whose heyday has passed.

England’s ‘Football Insider’ also reported, “According to insiders, Lloris will leave for a new club this summer. It will put an end to his brilliant Tottenham career.”

The media continued, “Lloris is a highly respected player at Tottenham. Along with Harry Kane and Son Heung-min, he is regarded as a true EPL superstar. Lloris played in 447 matches for Tottenham and recorded 151 clean sheets. 토스카지노 It is also the captain of Tottenham,” he explained, explaining Lloris’ presence, but insisted that the breakup could not be prevented.

At the same time, the media claimed, “Lloris is currently receiving a huge offer from Saudi Arabia, and is also receiving interest from another prestigious club in Europe. Tottenham will not interfere with the transfer of Lloris, who has one year left on his contract.”

According to this media, Tottenham has already prepared a replacement for Lloris. The main character is Southampton’s 21-year-old divine goalkeeper Gavin Bajunu.

He wore a Manchester City uniform in 2019, but could not adapt, and moved to Southampton before this season after going on loan. He established himself as a starter at Southampton, even appearing in a total of 37 matches, including 32 in the league.

The media said, “Tottenham has been looking for a replacement for Lloris throughout the season, and has drawn up a list of final candidates to replace Lloris, who is about to part ways. Among them, Tottenham is closely watching Bajunu.”