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‘Unemployed’ Ronaldo moves from Madrid to Dubai…Leaving to find a job

Cristiano Ronaldo without a team headed to Dubai after training in Madrid.

The British ‘Daily Mail’ reported on the 16th (Korean time), “After two days of training at Real Madrid, Ronaldo left Spain and headed to Dubai. Ronaldo was given permission to train at Real’s training base, but he flew on a private plane. He went to Dubai,” he reported.

Ronaldo is currently unemployed. Ronaldo, who made a surprise return to Old Trafford last summer, played a key role in the team’s attack, scoring 18 goals in his first season in the English Premier League (EPL). Although his activity and pressure decreased as he entered the age of mid-30s, he still showed off his class by showing off his goal-making ability. 메이저놀이터

However, Ronaldo’s position has changed 180 degrees this season. He had a lot of noise from the preseason, and even after the season started, he couldn’t get a chance to start, and his dissatisfaction continued. In this situation, Ronaldo refused to be replaced against Manchester City, and raised controversy by exiting the ground just before the end of the game against Tottenham Hotspur.

The bombshell remarks exploded, and the relationship with Man Utd became more distant. “I feel betrayed,” Ronaldo said in an interview with Britain’s “The Sun” last month. “, etc., exploded bomb remarks. Eventually, after the remarks, Man Utd mutually terminated the contract and let him go.

Ronaldo focused on the World Cup first. In fact, Ronaldo, who participated in the last World Cup, aimed to win the team. But he didn’t go his way. Due to his low activity and poor form, he did not help the team much. In the head-to-head match against Korea, he helped Kim Young-kwon score with his back and became the culprit of the defeat. In the end, coach Fernando Santos made the decision to exclude Ronaldo from the round of 16 and quarterfinals. 

After being eliminated from the World Cup, Ronaldo headed to Real Madrid. Most of the players returned to their teams, but Ronaldo did not have a team to return to. In the end, Realo, where he played in the past, rented a training ground and proceeded with training. After two days of training, Ronaldo will head to Dubai to find a new team.