Lars Nutba (St. Louis Cardinals), who played for the Japanese baseball team, announced an appointment with Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels).

Nutba participated as the Japanese national team in the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC), which ended with Japan’s victory on the 22nd (Korean time). Nutba, whose mother is Japanese, is the first foreign national team player selected by Japan in history.

Nutba was not a star player enough to doubt his skills even in Japan until this tournament, but he taught the Japanese team players the ‘Pepper Grinder Ceremony’ to overcome the language barrier, showed fighting spirit more than anyone else, and melted well into the national team. rated

Nutba’s social media followers during the competition increased from 59,000 to 921,000. Reporter Bob Nightingale of ‘USA Today’ said, “Nutba became a Japanese cult hero overnight.” 온라인카지노

On the 24th, Nutba joined the St. Louis club’s spring camp in Florida, USA, and participated in an exhibition game. Nutba met with reporters that day and told the story behind Japan’s victory.

“Ohtani gave me a watch as a gift. Ohtani said, ‘Three years later, if you don’t play for Japan or represent another country, please return the watch to the WBC,'” Nutba said. It means to run together in the 2026 WBC. Nutba showed loyalty to Ohtani, saying, “I decided to keep that promise.”

At the championship ceremony, Ohtani hugged Nutba’s parents and took a commemorative photo, creating a warm scene. Friendships made regardless of victory or defeat and nationality. Ohtani and Nutba once again showed the value of baseball.