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Wenger’s ‘last challenge’ Messi’s ‘pressure’

“Messi will feel more pressure than ever to show something flashy.”

France and Argentina will play the 2022 Qatar World Cup final at 0:00 am on the 19th (Korean time) at Lusail Stadium in Al Dayen, Qatar. France is trying to win the World Cup twice in a row, and Argentina is trying to win the championship for the first time in 36 years since 1986.

According to the British ‘Mirror’, Arsene Wenger, a world-renowned French captain, said of the French national team, “They are very efficient and have tremendous physical strength.” “All players are faster than opponents in the same position. 메이저사이트 Their acceleration is lethal. That’s why the early stages of the game will be important.”

Wenger also spoke about Argentine ace Lionel Messi. As former manager of Arsenal, Wenger had experience facing Messi in the Champions League. “Messi played our team for Barcelona in the 2006 Champions League final. That he is still playing football 16 years later is something we should all celebrate,” he said.

Wenger also expressed his views on the pressure Messi will feel after having his first chance at winning the last World Cup. “But Messi and Kylian Mbappe are under pressure to come up with something special. And Messi will feel more pressure than ever to show off something spectacular.”

At the same time, Wenger compared Messi and Mbappe and explained their respective styles. “We will see two teams playing in a similar way, but Mbappe and Messi have different characteristics. Mbappe moves a lot behind the defenders, Messi likes to receive the ball behind the midfield line. France will try to stop a Messi with these characteristics.”

In addition to Messi and Mbappe, Wenger picked key players from both teams to play an important role in the final. In Argentina, we paid attention to Julian Alvarez, who is showing fantastic chemistry with Messi, and in France, we paid attention to the influence of Olivier Giroud, who scored 4 goals.