Find a new piece that suits our team.

From the 4th, the 48th Association Long National Men’s and Women’s Secondary Basketball Championship has been held in Yeonggwang, Jeollanam-do. On the 8th, the fifth day of the competition, the girls’ high school preliminaries began. According to the schedule, some WKBL club officials also visited the site.

This season’s women’s professional basketball season ended with Asan Woori Bank’s combined victory. Since then, six clubs have entered a break before preparing for the next season. In the off-season, officials from Hana One Q, Samsung Life Insurance, and KB clubs visited the venue and worked hard to find raw stones.

They directly watched the play of the players who would become the future team and carefully observed the players’ movements.

Hana OneQ coach Kim Do-wan, who appeared at the stadium with coaches Lee Han-kwon and Huh Yoon-ja, said, “Even after leaving the field, I continued to watch Ama Basketball. I looked for (glory) to see who would be a good fit for our team.”

Ko Hyeon-ji (Supia Girls’ High School) is the most likely to be ranked first in the WKBL rookie draft this season. 바카라사이트

However, it is a common story among club officials that the preferred player may change depending on the club exercising the nomination right from the next order. In addition, it seems that there is an intention to directly check the skills of relatively unknown players as the depth of the players who will be drafted is thinner than last year.

A club scout who visited the site said, “This year, it seems that there is no player with a clear top nomination except for Ko Hyeon-ji. Perhaps the order of players’ nominations will change depending on the team’s order,” he said cautiously.

Under these circumstances, let’s see if the teams who visited the site can find the gemstones they like.